Bruna Larkham is a Greek biologist who has a love-hate relationship with Greek philosophy but only a love relationship with Crete

Bruna Larkham (name changed) is a biologist who claims that the first red-tailed hawk was the result of eagle and hawk breeding. Bruna says that she has done an extensive research on this wonderful looking breed of birds called red-tailed hawk and she claims that nobody other than her ever did so much research on this particular breed in the recorded history.

Bruna is also a student of philosophy and she claims that Greek philosophers like Plato, Socrates and Aristotle did more harm than good to the lives of the people in the Europe. Bruna has a huge respect for a few lesser known Greek philosophers like the laughing philosopher – Democritus.

Bruna claims that Qing dynasty of China was mostly influenced by the Greek philosophers and they ruled easily on the vast population of China helped by the philosophy of top Greek philosophers of the ancient times but nobody ever from the Qing dynasty ever mentioned who their mentors were.

Bruna says that she has several weird members in her family and she had tons of weird classmates. Bruna says that she has done a great research on ‘why some people act so weird’ and she has come to the conclusion that the weird people act so weirdly because they are highly energetic, creative and always excited but they don’t have a proper outlet to express their energy, creativity and enthusiasm.

Bruna has studied Sigmund Freud a lot and did her best to understand his theories and Bruna has come to the conclusion that most of Sigmund Freud’s theories cannot be trusted. Bruna gave one example of the ‘pleasure principle’ by Sigmund Freud is subjective and is one of the examples why Sigmund Freud cannot be trusted completely. Bruna says that she knows more people who are run by the ‘stoic principle’ than the ‘pleasure principle’, Sigmund Freud may be speaking of himself and the people around him including those in his family, friend circles and colleagues when he talked about the ‘pleasure principle’.

Bruna recently enjoyed a vacation to her most favorite island called ‘Crete’ in Greece which couldn’t have been as much fun without the help and support of car hire Crete.

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