This engineer is so busy building the most durable diesel engine ever but he will still watch Super Bowl Liii

Alana Cooksey (name changed) is an engineer who claims that she is working on building a more durable diesel engine than the Isuzu diesel engine.

Alana’s brother – Leslie is the owner of a very popular detergent company. This company of Leslie is so popular and successful as it offers 100% money back guarantee if you don’t see any results.

Leslie has a hobby of reading philosophy in spare time and Leslie is very critical of activities that don’t result in any productivity, for example, Leslie has been writing very much against the online chatrooms like the discord, chatango and slack chatrooms, once Leslie wrote on his blog that if Aristotle had been born in these times, the first type of friendship mentioned by him would have been online friendship – he would have wrote or said that the online friendship results in nothing beneficial, it only results in wastage of time, money, depreciation of computer and arguments that ultimately result in a lower IQ level.

Leslie says that if Immanuel Kant would have been alive today, he would drive Volvo cars with pedestrian airbags. Leslie says that Immanuel Kant was so much concerned with the good, welfare and safety of others, it would have come not as a surprise if he only rode bicycles not as a form of exercise but instead for the safety of the pedestrians and others.

Alana lived in Indonesia for 3 years and she claims that one of the reasons why Indonesia is so poor is that they spend so extravagantly on marriages. Alana says that this tradition of Indonesian marriages being so expensive isn’t new, the Indonesians have been spending extravagantly since they were invaded by a South Indian empire and accepted Hinduism before becoming Muslims.

Alana and Leslie, both brother and sister always watch live Super Bowl Liii together. They both used to be rugby players in the school and college, they both studied at the same school and their school is responsible for producing some of the best rugby players of all time.

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