Your addiction to spirituality may go old and boring but Super Bowl always feels fresh and exciting – Delores Kaufman

Delores Kaufman (name changed) has traveled almost all of the Indian subcontinent including the present day Cambodia, Tibet, Bhutan, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Vietnam. Delores met several ascetics throughout her Indian subcontinent trip, Delores claims that Tibetan monks are more exuberant than the Hindu Sadhus, Naga Babas, Swamis and Yogis.

Delores also wrote on her blog that she met the infamous Swami Om in New Delhi. Delores says that Swami Om is a very nice guy contrary to what the media portrays him to be. Delores says that Swami Om’s Santa Claus costume is really something to be laughed at.

Delores wrote on her blog that she met perhaps the most popular India Godman of the current times – Sadhguru. Delores says that Sadhguru is a pathological liar. He clearly lies about many things, for example, he lied about his personal life when he claimed that he decided to marry his wife without knowing her caste or anyone in her family including her parents and not even knowing her real name. Delores says that Sadhguru claims that he only knew the pet name of his wife when he decided to marry her and told his father about the same which is an utter lie. Delores says that Sadhguru is an extremely greedy man and there is no way that he didn’t know that the woman he is going to marry is very rich and the only child of her parents.

One thing that Delores liked the most about Sadhguru is that he is a socialist which is Delores’s most favorite political ideology and system.

Delores says that she met Sunil Sawara of The Great Indian Laughter Challenge and Comedy Circus also in Mumbai, she wrote on her blog that this comedian was once so popular but now lives as a beggar on the streets of Mumbai.

Delores is so excited about the Super Bowl 2019 that she has already ordered champagne for the event.

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