This engineer is so busy building the most durable diesel engine ever but he will still watch Super Bowl Liii

Alana Cooksey (name changed) is an engineer who claims that she is working on building a more durable diesel engine than the Isuzu diesel engine. Alana’s brother – Leslie is the owner of a very popular detergent company. This company of Leslie is so popular and successful as it offers 100% money back guarantee if […]

Your addiction to spirituality may go old and boring but Super Bowl always feels fresh and exciting – Delores Kaufman

Delores Kaufman (name changed) has traveled almost all of the Indian subcontinent including the present day Cambodia, Tibet, Bhutan, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Vietnam. Delores met several ascetics throughout her Indian subcontinent trip, Delores claims that Tibetan monks are more exuberant than the Hindu Sadhus, Naga Babas, Swamis and Yogis. Delores also wrote […]

Bruna Larkham is a Greek biologist who has a love-hate relationship with Greek philosophy but only a love relationship with Crete

Bruna Larkham (name changed) is a biologist who claims that the first red-tailed hawk was the result of eagle and hawk breeding. Bruna says that she has done an extensive research on this wonderful looking breed of birds called red-tailed hawk and she claims that nobody other than her ever did so much research on […]

Algeria is full of talented, skilled and wise people, but I still prefer to drive my Lyft cab in South Dakota, USA

Nanni Radford (name changed) is an Italian-English man who rejects the belief that the first paper was invented by Cai Lun of China. Nanni claims that they were writing on papers long ago in India, Nanni says that the Indian mythological stories including Ramayana, Mahabharata, Vedas and Upanishads were all written on papers in India. […]

Forget about ugly cities like Karachi or Lahore, travel to beautiful Thai towns like Hua Hin to have the most possible fun

Rimon Robert (name changed) recently saw a road trip video of the largest Pakistani city called Karachi. Pakistan’s entire population is currently estimated between 200 million to 210 million and out of those, 15.2 million people (estimated) live in just one city alone that goes by the name Karachi. It was a 30 minute drive […]

Eminent psychologist’s wife is busy getting her bathroom renovated in Newmarket, Ontario while the Indians are planning to take over Canada

Aimee Fernandes (name changed) is obsessed with the political scenario in India. She has been reading and learning about the prehistoric, ancient, medieval and modern India. Aimee claims that the present BJP government of India has been promising the people of India, especially their loyal followers that they will make India the biggest superpower that […]

Confidence is the greatest strength that you have and you need to have a lot of it

Kurtney Baba (name changed) is half-Indian half-French American businesswoman who was awarded Padma Shri in the year 2016 for an extremely meager contribution which shocked everyone including herself. The best thing that happened to Kurtney after winning the Padma Shri 2016 was that it raised her confidence to a level that was unprecedented for her […]

Modern and Young Mother Teresa is raising up 8 adopted kids with whom she watches movies all day long on the Sabbath day

Jeanne Ashlag (name changed) is one of the rare Greek Jews who was born and raised in the beautiful Greek city that goes by the name Thessaloniki. Jeanne is a PhD in Judaism from the Columbia University in the City of New York. They call Jeanne “Modern and Young Mother Teresa” as she has the wisdom […]

Scottish man loves arguing with the feminists and traveling to Bangkok and Damnoen Saduak

Addison Jensen (name changed) says that absolute monarchy was the greatest cancer for the human progress. Addison’s great-great grandmother was a chatelaine for one of the royal palaces of the Scotland’s royal family and Addison says that’s one of the reasons why his knowledge about the monarchies can be trusted so much. Addison says that […]

She calls modern people nothing but consumers, claims folding Christmas Origami with family kids is her most favorite thing

Angie Thomas (name changed) says that modern common people are nothing more than mere consumers, they would just go after what is most pricey instead of what is the most valuable. She says that she enjoys folding Christmas Origami with her kids, nephews, nieces and the kids of her friends more than anything else. It […]

Million dollar drop-shipping business creator loves to wholesale origami paper

Happy Brown (name changed) believes that an average cop is much more brutal than most people think. Happy’s encounters with the cops haven’t ever been happy ones, he lives in a neighborhood full of drug addicts, pimps, prostitutes. Happy has some strange beliefs like he says that girl and boy child smell very different from […]

Nick Gianzanti is relishing his e-commerce journey

Nick Gianzanti (name changed) doesn’t rely on anything that she reads on Quora but she relies upon some regular posters on Reddit. Nick works at a multinational corporation that has headquarters in 43 different countries including countries of Middle-East, South-East Asia, East Asia, Europe, North and South America. Nick is not Chinese but he believes […]

She donates those Mercedes S Class cars, she has got that bitcoin money baby

Hazel Tracy (name changed) recently started a vegan restaurant that is aimed at serving nuns and monks. Hazel’s grandfather was a popular catholic advocate who had his own television program. Throughout her business career, Hazel made countless mistakes, she kept felling at her face but never gave up. The secret to Hazel’s success is that […]

Blogger turned millionaire now only travel luxury class

Phil Rachid is a Brazilian gentleman from the stunning, historic, coastal and colonial town of Olinda. Phil recently inaugurated his own medium size resort near the Farol Beach with the money he made operating his blog wordpress. Initially, Phil used to make peanuts operating his blogs. Phil’s resort only accepts online bookings and the most […]

Health and Wealth are more important than the relationships – Dia de Sorte Winner, Safere Leib

Safere Leib (name changed) believes in total financial self-reliance. Safere is a businessperson by profession. Safere didn’t feel worthy of anything before starting his business journey. Safere would always plan how to make big money while he was still in school. Safere is so confident now after managing his businesses for several years and finding […]

Financially successful young Long Beach CA Gentleman cannot stand soap scums

Joseph Lloyd (name changed) is a young California boy. Joseph was born in San Jose, was raised up in Los Angeles and moved to Long Beach after completing his college. Joseph has traveled to Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Chile and Sweden. Joseph finds nothing beautiful and better than his current city Long Beach, California. Joseph’s […]