Eminent psychologist’s wife is busy getting her bathroom renovated in Newmarket, Ontario while the Indians are planning to take over Canada

Aimee Fernandes (name changed) is obsessed with the political scenario in India. She has been reading and learning about the prehistoric, ancient, medieval and modern India. Aimee claims that the present BJP government of India has been promising the people of India, especially their loyal followers that they will make India the biggest superpower that […]

Modern and Young Mother Teresa is raising up 8 adopted kids with whom she watches movies all day long on the Sabbath day

Jeanne Ashlag (name changed) is one of the rare Greek Jews who was born and raised in the beautiful Greek city that goes by the name┬áThessaloniki. Jeanne is a PhD in Judaism from the Columbia University in the City of New York. They call Jeanne “Modern and Young Mother Teresa” as she has the wisdom […]

Financially successful young Long Beach CA Gentleman cannot stand soap scums

Joseph Lloyd (name changed) is a young California boy. Joseph was born in San Jose, was raised up in Los Angeles and moved to Long Beach after completing his college. Joseph has traveled to Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Chile and Sweden. Joseph finds nothing beautiful and better than his current city Long Beach, California. Joseph’s […]