This engineer is so busy building the most durable diesel engine ever but he will still watch Super Bowl Liii

Alana Cooksey (name changed) is an engineer who claims that she is working on building a more durable diesel engine than the Isuzu diesel engine. Alana’s brother – Leslie is the owner of a very popular detergent company. This company of Leslie is so popular and successful as it offers 100% money back guarantee if […]

Your addiction to spirituality may go old and boring but Super Bowl always feels fresh and exciting – Delores Kaufman

Delores Kaufman (name changed) has traveled almost all of the Indian subcontinent including the present day Cambodia, Tibet, Bhutan, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Vietnam. Delores met several ascetics throughout her Indian subcontinent trip, Delores claims that Tibetan monks are more exuberant than the Hindu Sadhus, Naga Babas, Swamis and Yogis. Delores also wrote […]

Forget about ugly cities like Karachi or Lahore, travel to beautiful Thai towns like Hua Hin to have the most possible fun

Rimon Robert (name changed) recently saw a road trip video of the largest Pakistani city called Karachi. Pakistan’s entire population is currently estimated between 200 million to 210 million and out of those, 15.2 million people (estimated) live in just one city alone that goes by the name Karachi. It was a 30 minute drive […]

Blogger turned millionaire now only travel luxury class

Phil Rachid is a Brazilian gentleman from the stunning, historic, coastal and colonial town of Olinda. Phil recently inaugurated his own medium size resort near the Farol Beach with the money he made operating his blog wordpress. Initially, Phil used to make peanuts operating his blogs. Phil’s resort only accepts online bookings and the most […]

Toyota Salesperson never forgets to visit fishing sights while in Washington

Mariah is a car salesperson working at a second hand Toyota car dealership in Seattle, Washington for over 8 years now. Mariah is a wonderful salesperson; she is charismatic, gorgeous and very intelligent. Mariah wanted to be a model before, but her height is only 5’6″, so she gave up before even trying. Anyways, Mariah […]